SeniorPride presents annually a festival for LGBT seniors in Amsterdam

Musical revue

In 2016 we proudly presented the 10th edition of SeniorPride, formerly known as GreyPride, on the canal in front of Paleis van de Weemoed (Palace of Nostalgia) in the oldest part of Amsterdam. A musical revue as a tribute to our LGBT seniors. Especially for EuroPride 2016 we presented: A Gay History of Pride. Dutch Diva Karin Bloemen was the closing act. SeniorPride was made possible by Amsterdam Gay Pride. We'd like to thank our sponsors without whom it was impossible to organise this festival. In 2017 we will be back!



Since 2004 we organise events for elderly and through the years more and more people joined us, which improved the quality and brought it to a higher level. Our motivation is to thank and to honour our predecessors who fought for our rights and freedom. They laid the foundation on which we can continue to build.



SeniorPride is a community. A concerned community, but also a professional and productive community. This last year's edition during EuroPride 2016 was broadly supported by volunteers whom we can't thank enough. These volunteers join us again for SeniorPride 2017. Do you like a jolly bumpy ride? Feel free to contact us!


Production team

Laurens Fernhout

Danny Ribbink

Martijn Priemis

Raoul Dumas

Ton Witte (financial manager)

Erwin van Gastel (hospitality manager)

Oebele Kooistra (producer)


Ton Witte wins the 'Silver Heart'

All winners of the Silver Heart (Photo: André Gregor van Ham)
All winners of the Silver Heart (Photo: André Gregor van Ham)

Volunteers prize

Annually the organisation of SeniorPride selects a volunteer whom wins the 'Silver Heart'. A prize that expresses our gratitude for a volunteer who, mostly for years, has worked loyally and as a team player for the organisation of the festival in a constructive way and with a heart for senior LGBT's. The prize is a silver jewelry in the shape of a heart with our logo hand engraved.



In 2017 this honorable award was won by Ton Witte (third of the left on the photo) because of his tireless and pleasant dedication and involvement from the start. Ton is co-founder of SeniorPride, formerly known as GreyPride, and our senior advicer and financial manager. Congratulations, Ton! And thank you.

Café 't Mandje - Bet van Beeren


Oldest bar

Café 't Mandje was opened in 1927 by the legendary lesbian Bet van Beeren. Café 't Mandje is the first so oldest bar for LGBT's in the world.



Annually Bet organised an event for seniors living in the neighbourhood in the Red Light District. We are proud to stand in its tradition.

The café can be found very near to the location where we present SeniorPride. Click on the photo for their website.

(Photo: John Melskens)